Alpine DoeFern

Aquila Acres ZAM Fern
DOB: 2/5/2016
Breed: American Alpine
ADGA#: A001837015 (Click for

Temperament: Fern is a very mature and calm doe who milks like a champ and enjoys people's company.
Strengths: Fern is a great milker.
Weaknesses:Fern has great udder capacity but may have trouble as she ages with poor mammary attachments.
Udder Description: Fern's udder is large and has great capacity, the teats are on the outside and triangularly shaped with large orifices.
Milk Quantity: 8 (see milk quantity scale)
Lactation Length: 9 (see lactation length scale)
Progeny: Fern's Kids (if any kept in herd)

     SS: Aquila Acres WFN Panini
S: Aquila Acres Pan Zamboni
     SD: Windrush Farms Wonder Zuzu

     DS: Iron-Rod ET Sheriff
D: Windrush Farms IRS Fable
     DD: SG Angel-Prairie ABRHM Fancypants