Alpine DoeFable

Windrush Farms IRS Fable
DOB: 2/21/13
Breed: Purebred Alpine
ADGA#: A001638259 (Click for
Linear Appraisal: VEEV 89 (2018)

Temperament: Fable is a lovely doe with a very peaceful demeanor, who loves people and loves attention.
Strengths: Fable is an all-star milker who is easy to milk and an easy keeper.
Weaknesses: Fable is an amazing milker but it takes its toll on her body and so we watch her carefully to make sure she keeps her weight up at a healthy point.
Udder Description: Fable's udder is very capacious with a good medial suspensory ligament, but lacks strength in her fore attachments.
Milk Quantity: 10 (see Milk Quantity scale)
Lactation Length: 8 (see lactation length scale)
Progeny: Fable's kids 

    SS: GCH Qu'Appelle V Etienne
S: Iron-Rod ET Sheriff
    SD: CH Sanstorms Super Shyne

    DS: Willow Run Armand Abraham
D: SG Angel-Prairie ABRHM Fancypants
    DD: SG Angel-Prairie RT Fancy Legs