Goat Milk Stuff is located in Scottsburg, Indiana (about 30 minutes north of Louisville, KY) and we're here to help you purchase Alpine or Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats for your farm, homestead, 4H club, or business.  

We do not take deposits, but list goats (both adult and kids) as they become available for sale on our website. 

If you are new to goats, please read this "New Goat Information" document before purchasing a goat from Goat Milk Stuff.

Our website is full of information about our goats. Please use the Search feature with only a single word (and not phrases) to find the information you want. 

If you still have questions, you have three options.

1. Send us an email at Our customer service staff can answer very basic questions about the goats (such as availability and purchasing) via email.

2. Purchase our Raising Dairy Goats course, which is designed to help you be the best goat owner you can be.

3. If you need more detailed information about individual goats or raising goats that can only be answered by a member of the Barn Crew, you can schedule a consultation with them. You will be able to apply the cost of time with the Barn Crew to the purchase price of a Goat Milk Stuff goat you purchase within the next year.

Thanks for visiting!

Jim and PJ Jonas
Goat Milk Stuff LLC
76 S Lake Road N
Scottsburg, IN 47170