Terms of Sale

Goats are herd animals and must have a companion. You must therefore purchase two or more goats from Goat Milk Stuff. An exception will be made if you provide proof that you already have goats.  

Information for New Goat Owners

We have a lot of information about raising goats here on our website and we share a lot of information on our Facebook Live goat videos. If you are new to goats, please read this "New Goat Information" document before purchasing a goat from Goat Milk Stuff.

If you still have questions about owning goats (and you can't find the answers by searching this website), schedule a consultation for $50 here. You will then be given a $50 credit that is good for one year toward the purchase of a goat from Goat Milk Stuff. 


We are no longer taking deposits on goats. Goats will be listed for sale on the website and available for purchase after they are born. Please keep an eye on this website and check back regularly. We have lots of baby goats being born every year and usually have goats available.

Alpine Goat Kids

The majority of our Alpine goats are born in February and March. They are all bottle raised. Prices start at $150 for wethers and $250 for doelings and bucklings. Prices go up as the kids get older and as we put more milk into them.

Throughout the year, we may put up more Alpines or have the occasional Alpine kids born, but the lowest prices will be in February and early March. We also do not keep bucklings past 2 months of age. All boys will be wethered when they reach that age.  

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids

The Nigerian Dwarf goats are born March through October. They are dam raised. Boys are ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks and girls at 12 weeks. Their pickup date will be listed on their page. They must be picked up within 7 days of their pickup date or boarding fees will apply.

Nigerian wethers start at $350. Doelings and bucklings start at $450. Prices go up if the goats have blue eyes, moonspots, or are polled. 


Alpine milkers are put up for sale throughout the year as our herd and milk demand are evaluated. Bred Alpine does are sometimes put up for sale in the Fall. Nigerian Dwarf milkers are occasionally put up for sale after weaning their kids. Prices for milkers or bred does generally start at $500.

Picking Up Goats

You must schedule a time to pickup your goat(s) within 5 days of purchase (unless they are staying until they are finished being dam raised). After 5 days, boarding fees will apply. Boarding is available for a maximum of 9 extra days. If your goat is not picked up within 14 days of purchase or within 14 days of pickup for a dam-raised goat, then the purchase price will be forfeit and the goat will be listed for sale again.

Boarding Fees

Boarding is only available for a maximum of 7 days. Boarding fees depend on the age of the goat, but will be a minimum of $5 per day for goats that aren't getting bottles and $10 per day for goats receiving bottles. Boarding is also $10 per day for milkers. If you cannot pick up the goat within 7 days of purchase, please contact us to arrange boarding.

Sick or Injured Goats

We take the best care possible of all of our goats, but sometimes accidents or injuries do occur. If the goat you purchase gets sick or injured between purchase and pickup, we will treat the goat and delay your pickup. No boarding fees will be charged for these delayed days. If the goat you purchase dies between purchase and pickup, we will replace the goat with a goat of equal or greater value as soon as one is available. The purchase price will not be refunded.

Receiving Notification

If we have an unusual number of goats available for sale, we send out notification in the Goat Milk Stuff newsletter. You can sign up for that newsletter if you wish to be notified.

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the purchase of an animal.