This page provides the general pricing on our goats.  Individual animals listed on the For Sale pages are available at the listed price and supersedes this page.

Alpine Milkers

Nigerian Milkers

  • $350 - $500
  • Nigerian milkers are available after they freshen.  They must be purchased and paid in full before they deliver.
  • They are available to go to their new home 1-2 weeks after they freshen if there are no complications.
  • Contact us for more information

Alpine Baby Goats (if picked up between 5 and 10 days old)

  • Wethers (neutered males) $50
  • Bucklings $200
  • Doelings $200

Nigerian Dwarf Baby Goats 

  • Wethers (neutered males) $200
  • Bucklings $350
  • Doelings $350

All kids are disbudded.  Bucklings and doelings are also tattoo'd and will come with registration papers so they can be registered with ADGA. 

Alpine kids only (not Nigerians) have a $25 per week boarding fee starting at day eleven. At one-month-old, the boarding fee jumps to $50 per week. That fee is not pro-rated and one day into the following week requires a boarding payment.

Nigerian Dwarf kids are born year-round and are able to go to their new homes between 8-12 weeks.

Alpines are born primarily in February of 2019, with a few going into March or later.

Goats are herd animals and must have a companion.  You must purchase two goats or more from us unless you already have goats and are willing to sign a waiver that you are responsible for the health of the animal once it leaves our farm.