Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats in Southern Indiana

We breed Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf registered dairy goats in Scottsburg, Indiana, only half an hour North of Louisville, Kentucky.  You can find our dairy goats for sale, as well as our Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dog puppies for sale, or visit our main website at to learn more about how we raise our dairy goats.

If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us. We would love to help you find the perfect goat for your family farm, homestead, or 4H project. Our family of ten raises our goats to be good with children and great milkers, which makes them the ideal family milker, and our babies are bottle fed, which makes them perfect for your FFA or 4H kid.

Our alpine dairy goats are raised as naturally as possible. We have a 36 acre farm in Southern Indiana, and the goats spend their days in the woods, in their pastures, or in the barn if there's bad weather. You can watch the goats on our 24/7 livestreaming cameras to see them enjoying life.

We have approximately 200 baby goats born every year, and have plenty of baby goats for sale in the Spring. We assist with every baby goat birth to make sure that the baby goats have the best chance of survival, and bottle feed to ensure happy, healthy, baby goats. By bottle raising baby goats, they are ready to go to their new homes at an early age and can bond with their new owners.

We also livestream as many of the baby goat births as possible on our Facebook page, so don't forget to Like our page to see all of the baby goat birth videos.

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