Alpine DoeNatasha

Windrush Farms APKG Natasha
DOB: 05/24/13
Breed: Purebred Alpine
ADGA#: A001644906 (Click for

Temperament: Natasha is a small doe who can be slightly frisky and has no problem showing the other does that even though she's small, they had better not mess with her.
Strengths: Natasha has a small but pretty body that is very correct.
Weaknesses:  Natasha's growth was stunted when she was young due to medical complications. As such her milking is not as high as we wish but we have high expectations for her kids.
Udder Description:Natasha's udder is well rounded and has well-placed teats, her orifices are medium to large but her udder and teats blend with each other a little too much.
Milk Quantity: 7 (see milk quantity scale)
Lactation Length: 7 (see lactation length scale)
Progeny: Natasha's kids

    SS: Willow Run Armand Abraham
S: Angel-Prairie Abraham Kenny G
    SD: SG Angel-Prairie Vega Kola

    DS: Iron-Rod ET Sheriff
D: SGCH Windrush Farms IRS Nutmeg
    DD: Angel-Prairie Dutch Cinnamon

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