Milk Quantity and Lactation Length Scales

This scoring is anecdotal and is intended to give you an idea of how we rate our goats.  We expect our goats to peak at 1.5 gallons per day when they are in their third year and still be milking at least a half gallon per day at 10 months.  This would give a score of 8 and 8.  We make adjustments when scoring based on their age.

Score Milk Quantity Lactation Length
10 We have a winner. Let's milk her through!
9 Dang girl you can milk! I wish we didn't have to dry you off for two months.
8 Impressive! Strong to the finish.
7 You must have had triplets. Not a bad finish.
6 Well, well, well. Okay...
5 Good job girl. Well at least you milked ten months. 
4 Not too shabby, girl. Come on just a few more weeks.
3 That's hardly impressive. Nine months? that stinks.
2 Maybe you'll do better next year. Only eight months?
1 Why are we milking you? You barely did eight months.