Kidding Schedule

Below is the spreadsheet of the does that were bred. You can scroll both down and to the right within the chart. We update this regularly, but there may be times when it is out of date.

The list of all the baby goats born in 2021 is on this page. The Alpines are listed first, then the Nigerian Dwarf kids.


Pregnant Does (Alpine first then Nigerian)

You can find more information on purchasing goats or view the list of goats for sale, including this year's kids, or Contact Us if you have questions.

We are located in Scottsburg, Indiana, only thirty minutes North of Louisville, Kentucky, and we would be happy to help you find the perfect baby goat to be a family milker, 4H bottle baby, or companion goat for your farm or homestead. We have both Alpine goats for sale and Nigerian Dwarf goats for sale, so whether you want a full sized or miniature goat, we can help. 

Learn more about our family, our farm, and the goat milk soaps and other products that we make with the extra milk from our dairy goats at