Alpine DoePersephone

Windrush Farms CGVR Persephone
DOB: 3/13/08
Breed: Purebred Alpine
ADGA#: A001439519 (Click for

Temperament: Persephone is our eldest doe, and has clearly retired from her role as herd queen. Now she spends her days laying around and getting attention.
Strengths:  Persephone was one of our all star milkers and passes it on in her progeny.
Weaknesses: She is very old and has to be taken care of more than all the others.
Udder Description: Persephone's udder is well rounded and very long. She has large well placed teats with large orifices and a strong medial suspensary ligament. 
Milk Quantity: 10 (see milk quantity scale)
Lactation Length: 8 (see lactation length scale)
Progeny: Persephone's Progeny (if any kept in herd)

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