Alpine DoeZelena

Aquila Acres SAT Zelena
DOB: 03/27/15
Breed: American Alpine
ADGA#: A001749866 (Click for
Linear Appraisal:  VEEE 90 (2018)

Temperament: Zelena is calm and collected half of the time and then goes crazy and jumps around and plays with all the younger does the other half.
Strengths: Zelena is a great milker.
Weaknesses:  Zelena has poor udder attachments.
Udder Description: Zelena's udder has a strong medial suspensary ligament with well-placed teats that have large orifices.
Milk Quantity: 8 (see milk quantity scale)
Lactation Length: 10 (see lactation length scale)
Progeny:  Zelena's Kids  (if any kept in herd)

    SS:  Iron Rod R Substantial
S:  Aquila Acres IRS Saturn
    SD:  Windrush Farms Storm Payton

    DS:  Soldier-Mtn Escaped Convict
D:  Aquila Acres Convict Zany
    DD:  Windrush Farms Wonder Zuzu

Zelena is an Alpine dairy goat in Southern Indiana, between Louisville and Indianapolis. Goat Milk Stuff raises Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats for homestead milkers, 4h projects, pack goats, therapy goats, and more. Learn more about our goat milk soaps and other bath and body products at