Our latest updates to the Raising Dairy Goats course have been published!

The Spring 2022 updates include videos on a few topics:

  • How we register our Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf baby goats with ADGA.
  • How we take care of does if they have a miscarriage or toxic, traumatic delivery.
  • How we tattoo our baby goats (necessary to register them).
  • How we disbud our baby goats (and why we think it's important).
  • How we neuter the male baby goats in a pain free way.

Learn more about the Raising Dairy Goats course.

Raising Dairy Goats Course from Goat Milk Stuff and GMS Goats


And if you're interested in bringing home your own baby goats, check out our Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf goats for sale.


The Jonas Family have owned dairy goats since 2004 and are excited to share their new Raising Dairy Goats course, sharing their knowledge with goat owners across the world. They currently raise Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats in Scottsburg, Indiana, and use the extra milk to make goat milk soaps and other bath and body products with their family business, Goat Milk Stuff.

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