Aquila Acres REDE Yetti
Nigerian Dwarf Buckling/Wether

Olson Acres RC Augustine
Sinai Thunder SS Redeemed
Helmstead Minis TM Fergie

Wildman Farms Dan
Indy Redbud Yzma
Old Mountain farm Gimme Sugah

Yetti is disbudded and is available as a buckling for $350 or as a wether for $250. 

He is available to go to his new home at 8-12 weeks of age and we will notify you when he is available to bring home. If he is not picked up by 4 months (unless other arrangements have been made) the deposit will be forfeit.

Goats are herd animals and must have a companion.  You must purchase two goats or more from Goat Milk Stuff unless you already have goats and are willing to sign a waiver that you are responsible for the health of the animal once it leaves our farm.