Tickle - $500

Aquila Acres IRS Tickle
DOB: 02/01/15
Breed: purebred Alpine 
ADGA#: A001749851 (Click for ADGA.org)
Linear Appraisal:  VEVV 89 (2018)

Temperament: Tickle is an inconspicuous doe whom you rarely notice since she likes staying in a group and not drawing attention to herself. 
Strengths: Tickle is a very easy keeper 
Weaknesses: Tickle is a doe who while good in everything never made it to great in anything.
Udder Description: Tickle's udder is well rounded when viewed from the side but flatter when viewed from the rear. Her teats are large and placed slightly on the outside with medium sized orifices.
Milk Quantity: 7 (see milk quantity scale)
Lactation Length: 8 (see lactation length scale)
Progeny: Tickle's Progeny (if any kept in herd)

    SS:  Cherry Glenn Spider Rampart
S: Iron Rod R Substantial
     SD:  Iron Rod RDK Sunami

    DS:   Windrush Farms PK Nathaniel
D:  Windrush Farms N Thalia 
     DD:   Windrush Farms Storm Payton