Family - Topaz and her 2 Kids

  • $600.00
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Topaz freshened on 8/1/21 with Triplets. Tonks is being sold separately as a bottle baby.  Telluride, & Tucson are being sold with Topaz because they are still dependent on their mother. They are being sold at a discounted price to stay as a family.

All three goats are available for:

  • $700 with ADGA registration papers
  • $600 without ADGA registration papers

The Family includes:

  • Topaz- Milking Nigerian Dwarf Doe 
  • Tucson - Buckling or wether (Polled)
  • Telluride - Buckling or wether

If you would like the registration papers, $100 is due in cash at pickup and you need to notify us before pickup that you would like registration papers.

Polled means they naturally do not grow horns. They have a 50% chance of their future kids being polled as well. 

Dam: Topaz
Sire: Iriquois


Indy Redbud Topaz's Delight
Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
ADGA#: D001963249
Progeny: Topaz's Kids (If any kept in herd)

    SS: Atwood Acres Captain
S: Indy Redbud Oompie
    SD: Atwood Acres Fauna

     DS: AGS Indy Redbud Devonshire Cream
D: Indy Redbud Topaz
     DD: AGS Buttin' Heads Pollen