Baby Goat Memory Session

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Baby Goat Memory Session
We know how exciting it is to put down a deposit on a baby goat and eagerly anticipate their arrival. Many people request photos of their new baby goats between the time they are born and the time they are picked up. Unfortunately, kidding season is a very hectic time with all of the extra care for the moms and babies and so we don't make photos of your kids available due to our time constraints.

Emery is now making available a Memory Session that he will be responsible for on his own time. It will include a 2-3 minute video of your baby goat(s) and 5-10 total photos. There is a maximum of 3 goats included in this Memory Session. If you are purchasing more than 3 goats, you will have to purchase another package or choose the 3 goats you want included. This Session will be held before you pick up your goats. The video and photos will be emailed to you and only available in digital form.

Thank you for understanding that with over 200 baby goats being born in a 6 week time period, getting photos is not a quick and simple process. Our priority during kidding season are the health of the goats.