Alpine DoeJemima

**** Jemima is NOT currently milking. ****
**** She has been living with the bucks and has the possibility of being pregnant. ****

Aquila Acres Zam Jemima
DOB: 1/30/15
Breed: American Alpine
ADGA#: A001749841 (Click for
Linear Appraisal: +V++ 84 (2018)

Temperament: Jemima is a perky little doe who likes messing around with the younger does.
Strengths:  Jemima is a great milker with a pretty udder.
Weaknesses:  Jemima is a small doe and may not be able to grow into her full potential because of it.
Udder Description: Jemima's udder is well rounded and has a strong medial suspensary ligament.  Her teats are placed well and she has large orifices.
Milk Quantity: 8 (see milk quantity scale)
Lactation Length: 9 (see lactation length scale)
Progeny:  Jemima's Kids

    SS:   Aquila Acres WFN Panini
S:  Aquila Acres Pan Zamboni
    SD:   Windrush Farms Wonder Zuzu

    DS:   Windrush Farms ER Nonpareil
D:  Aquila Acres WFN Fantasmic
    DD:   Soldier-Mtn PVRA Hi-Fashion 7*M