Aquila Acres KVC Haven
DOB: 2/21/15
Breed: American Alpine
ADGA#: A001749864  (Click for
Linear Appraisal: VVVV 88 (2018)

Temperament: Haven is a slightly playful doe who likes running around with the other does her age and play fighting. 
Strengths: Haven is a beautiful doe with a good body and good milk production.
Weaknesses: Haven milks really well which makes it hard to keep weight on her.
Udder Description: Haven's udder is on the smaller side but has good attachments.  Her teats are oddly placed but she is still easy to hand milk. 
Milk Quantity: 7 (see milk quantity scale)
Lactation Length: 9 (see lactation length scale)
Progeny: Haven's kids (if any kept in herd)

     SS: Strawberry Fields Jagged Edge
S: Kickapoo Valley SFJE Challenge
     SD: Kickapoo Valley Xparte Yuppie

     DS:   Aquila Acres WFN Panini
D:  Aquila Acres Pan Hera
     DD:   SG Soldier-Mtn PVLM Hummingbird 2*M