Aquila Acres IRS Galaxy
DOB: 2/24/13  
Breed: American Alpine  
ADGA#: A001666187 (Click for  
Linear Appraisal: +VVV 86 (2015)

Temperament: Galaxy is a slightly odd doe who loves humans but doesn't get along with other does of the same rank.  
Strengths: Galaxy is a very strong milker with a good udder.  
Weaknesses: Galaxy has a Roman nose and a poor back line.   
Udder Description: Galaxy's udder is large and flat with well-placed teats that are slightly uneven she has good rear attachments and a strong medial suspensory ligament.   
Milk Quantity: 8 (see milk quantity scale)  
Lactation Length: 8 (see lactation length scale)  
Progeny: Galaxy's Kids 

     SS:  Cherry Glenn Spider Rampart
S: Iron Rod R Substantial
     SD:  Iron Rod RDK Sunami

    DS:   Aquila Acres WFN Panini
D:  Aquila Acres Pan Zipporah
     DD:   Windrush Farms Wonder Zuzu