Alpine Dairy Goat Doeling in Southern Indiana

Alpine Doeling Deposit

  • $50.00
    Unit price per 

2020 Alpine Doeling
This is a deposit on an Alpine doeling of our choice. If you wish to purchase a specific doeling on the Alpine Doeling For Sale page, you must purchase her from that page.  Most of our Alpine doelings will be born in February.

Your baby goat will be disbudded, tattooed, and will come with papers so he can be registered with the ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association).

Any balance due must be paid in cash at time of pickup. If we do not have any doelings available, your deposit will be refunded. The deposit is not refundable if you change your mind.

Baby goats are ready to go to their new homes at 7 days old and final pricing on your baby goat is determined as follows:

$200 - picked up before 10 days of age
$250 - picked up before 2 weeks of age
$300 - picked up before 3 weeks of age
$375 - picked up before 4 weeks of age

If you do not pick up your doeling by 4 weeks of age, your deposit will be forfeit (unless other arrangements have been made).

We also have a Baby Goat Memory Session available if you would like photos and a video of your baby goat(s) before picking them up.

This pricing is for a doeling of our choice.  If you have specific color or genetic requests, you may put a deposit down here, but the doeling may cost more depending on how easily your requests can be met.  You must contact us with your specific requests.

Goats are herd animals and must have a companion.  You must purchase two goats or more from Goat Milk Stuff unless you already have goats and are willing to sign a waiver that you are responsible for the health of the animal once it leaves our farm.

You will be notified within 3 days of your doeling being born.  

Please let us know if you have any questions.