Alpine Dairy Goat Milkers for Sale

We are reducing our herd size and are putting multiple milkers up for sale. These does have all been exposed to a buck and should be pregnant. But we are not guaranteeing pregnancies nor that they will not miscarry from the stress of the move. We will provide a service memo to the registered buck so that all kids can be registered. We also will be drying them off soon, so if you want one still in milk, you must act quickly.

We have specifically chosen these does to cull from our herd, not because they are bad does, but because they are not shining stars in specific qualities we are focusing on to improve our herd.

We always say that when you are purchasing goats, you are purchasing the worst of somebody's herd. Fortunately, we only have good goats, so our worst is still pretty awesome.  The character traits displayed on each doe's individual page are subject to interpretation. We judge all our does in comparison to our best does and as such the characteristic traits may seem more negative than they actually are.